Aura Meaning in Hindi | ऑरा (आभा) अर्थ

Aura Meaning in Hindi | ऑरा (आभा) अर्थ

Aura Meaning in Hindi | ऑरा (आभा) अर्थ

We are all familiar with the term “Vibe” otherwise known as “माहौल” in Hindi. Likewise, if it is studied in terms of metaphysics aura meaning in Hindi is “दिव्यज्योति” or “आभा” which means energy, composed of seven shades that surround every living being. This has a vital role in our lives, which we’re going to look at later in this article.

In this article, we are going to learn various aspects of Aura and its connection with the chakras. Keep scrolling.

What role do auras play in our lives

Auras have a crucial role in our lives as they inform a lot about happenings and personalities, which helps shape the future and make it better. It also helps in saving oneself from liars and protecting our interests from someone that harms our Aura.

It also helps in excelling in life and making our careers better as personalities tell us what type of jobs we would enjoy and that would ultimately help us choose the options wisely. Moreover, it helps us know ourselves better, and that way, we can amend what is not going in our favor, benefitting the people around us and us. 

Sensing the Aura

We often hear people say that they do not like someone’s vibe or are instantly attracted to others. These vibes are, in a way, a sense of the Aura. Vibes are, in fact, the energy fields in which people feel coming in contact with others. 

Aura sensing is demonstrated in small children when they are untouched by the world’s malice and falsity. We have often seen children filling random colors in drawings. Some of us also find it unusual and ask them why they did it. However, they are not doing it deliberately or have any knowledge about the aural spectrum in their subconscious mind; they are telling a lot about what has been colored. With passing time, their consciousness is affected by logic, and their psychic abilities fade or vanish entirely.

Aura Cleansing and its Importance

Before we get onto the role of aura cleansing, we should know what it means. It is the rectification of what is going against us and affecting our life and things in a negative manner. This can be done through meditation, balancing your chakras, connecting with nature, feeling, and enjoying little things in life, and doing a random act of kindness.

Relationship between Aura and Chakras

We have already learned that Aura is the energy field of the body, but many of you may wonder where this energy comes from and how it is distributed. Here, Chakras play its part. These Chakras are the powerhouse of energy, and these are responsible for the even distribution of energy to the body parts. 

When chakras are balanced, your Aura will be great, and if there is any imbalance or disturbance in the chakras, it will affect your Aura, and that would further lead to problems in your physical and mental well being.


Aura is an essential aspect of life as it boosts your mood and helps in building a strong foundation of relationships with people around you. Since unbalanced chakras are shown in your Aura but sometimes you might not know an imbalance exists. So, it is always a good idea to cleanse it from time to time.