Black Aura

Black Aura

While black is a color in the energy spectrum, many people believe that there is nothing such as black Aura, and it is just the absence or lack of energy. It is one of the alarming situations as a person without strength has negative health impacts and is not a good sign for the overall well being of a person.

Let us look deeper into the topic by understanding the meaning of the black color to get a better idea of what black colored Aura is and how it impacts an individual’s personality.


The black color usually draws energy and, in the process, transforms it. It captures light and consumes it, hence creating a darker void. It indicates negativity, authoritative behavior, underlying illnesses, depression, or misery. Anyone having this Aura faces long-term unforgiveness towards the self and others. 


1. Charcoal

This shade points towards distraught souls. They spend the entire life searching for a meaning to their existence and often feel a void inside as if someone took away their strength and desire to live. They often shift their faith from one to another as they cannot trust anything.

2. Harsh Black 

This indicates those who often hold others responsible for their problems but do not welcome any kind of suggestions or criticism.

3. Purple Black

People with this shade in their Aura are quite unpredictable. They are unfit to be put into any category as they can turn around at any point in time. These are highly unreliable people who cannot be trusted.

4. Blue Black

This shade suggests those who will most probably contemplate suicide. They have an air of insecurity and always hide it from their friends. They do not want their friends to feel pity for them for how little emotions they can hold. 

Personality Traits

  • People with this color as their Aura have an unforgiving nature, be it about forgiving themselves or others, they do not forget things easily and develop negative feelings.
  •  Those people having a black aura often experience a crisis, abuse, addiction, or depression. 
  • They carry past life baggage and often store their unreleased anger, which leads to various health problems.
  •  These people usually occupy themselves with something or the other in their free time, and you would probably never spot them enjoying quiet, peaceful alone time.
  • These people tend to have long term illnesses, and the Aura deepens with their ongoing illness.
  • These people have snappy moods and catch disease quickly that continues for a more extended period.

Association with the Chakra

This Aura is associated with the Omega Chakra, colored black and is situated below the Base Chakra, eight inches away from the spine or between the upper thighs. The Omega Chakra acts as an anchor, which holds the lower bodies across their holographic grid of incarnations.


Black energy is not a good one to possess; therefore, you should always ensure to keep a healthy lifestyle. Inculcate spiritual activities to cleanse your Aura so that there are no black color traces in your Aura or even slight spots.