Purple Aura

Purple Aura

Do you know that there is a purple aura too? Let us uncover the mysteries lying behind this colored Aura; it brings innovation, creativity, and is possessed by like-minded people. It has two shades, and that also makes a difference among people. This is not a dominant color and often appears as flashes in the Aura.

In the present article, we’re going to learn how this purple colored Aura brings changes to the individuals and what it means. We’re also going to look at how this color is related to the chakras.


Purple Aura signifies creativity, innovative ideas, and an enlightened mind. It also denotes soothing, healing, cleansing of the soul, as well as constant devotion. Those who have mastered reading auras can tell a lot about your spiritual, emotional, and physical condition. 

These are highly knowledgeable people who have attained a higher level of spirituality that they can look beyond the “I” and “You” as they have a broader perspective of the universe.


1. Dark purple Aura

Despite purple-colored Aura being a great healer and creative capacity but a dark purple one is not a positive sign. It signifies energy blockage. If this is not worked upon in time, this can lead to loss of your psychic abilities and inability to forge spiritual connections.

This can be healed by following a proper daily routine and including meditation and other soul relieving activities in your lifestyle.

2. Light purple Aura Or Lavender

This is one with lots of positivity and fills your mind with excellent thinking capacity with an edge of innovation. This often appears as a passing cloud or flash among the dominant aura colors but benefits a great deal to those who have it. 


  • People with a Purple Aura are highly supernormal and are compassionate towards the emotions and moods of others.
  • These people are susceptible, and you may have to watch your words while speaking before them.
  • Those who have more enormous amounts of purple in their Aura are often believed to be mysterious and secretive.
  • These individuals possess a philosophical, analytical, and intuitive mind. They love to explore and enquire about anything and everything. This makes them extremely knowledgeable.
  • Talking about fitness, these individuals prefer fun activities, say dance cardio or Zumba, which would keep them engrossed and fit. 
  • Because of the innovative minds, purples are generally found to work as teachers, therapists, poets, and writers.
  • These people are incredibly selective when it comes to making friends, but the ones they rely upon have all their trust, respect, and love.
  • People with an excess purple color in their Aura are often unlucky in love, but once they have found their soulmate, then the bond lasts a lifetime.
  • These people gel up with animals and nature as well. 

Aura and Chakra

The Purple color governs the Crown chakra, which is situated at the top of the head. Purple relates to self-knowledge or spiritual awareness; thus, it signifies excellent psychic talent; that is why people with purple color in their Aura have a great connection with the higher self, spirituality, and consciousness.


As we have seen that purple is a great color to be in your Aura, but all of us are aware of the fact that too much of anything is hazardous to humans, and that is why dark purple in your Aura brings negative impacts to your personality.