Auric Field

Auric Field

As we all know, there are specific energies emitted by everything that needs oxygen to survive. These energies have negative as well as positive connotations. In spiritual learning, it is known as the “Aura.” These energies or the aura revolves in a halo around the body. The path where it revolves is known as the Auric Field.

You might have several questions regarding an auric field. We’ll try and answer all your queries, and by the end of this article, we hope you find all the answers to your questions.

Is this field always fixed?

Human Aura is in a state of flux and keeps changing with habits, illnesses, and several other factors. The energy field changes its shades with each and every minute change in the lifestyle of the person.

Therefore the energy fields show continuous change as they are dependent on the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well being of a person. These never remain constant in anyone’s life.

Role of Aura generating Field in our lives

  • Like all parts of the being, the energy field transmits and receives information. The astral layer is accustomed to the subtle realms of creation. The aura keeps us connected to the subtle realms.
  • Energy fields also have a role in the reception and transmission of our emotional state as the aura colors determine it, which further decides behavior and response to others. This happens because the field and the way we respond are inter-connected.
  • It helps in connecting and protecting a person with emotional experiences. This is the reason why it has a deep connection to the body’s immune system.

Ways to Strengthen Auric Fields

There are many ways to strengthen and heal your energy fields, and the reason our energy fields should be balanced is that they play an essential role in our lives and impact our sense of being.

1. Meditation

There are several benefits of meditating as it teaches discipline, calmness, and patience in one’s life. It also heals and strengthens your energy fields. It is also one of the oldest and effective methods to attain relaxation and happiness.2. 2.


REIKI Attunements expand the energy fields up to nine feet, which otherwise are ten or twelve inches from the body. It also empowers your learning as to how to heal yourself and strengthen your intuitive powers and inner strength.

3. Crystal Healing

Placing a few crystals near your bed or windows will help you with your energy fields since these crystals are elements from the earth and possess inherent qualities of healing and keeping you grounded.

4. Sound Healing

Music is yet another means that produces calming effects and soothes your body. You can tune in to your favorite music and attain mental peace as it helps you in disconnecting with the social problems and connecting with yourself.

5. Nature Walks

Walking around and noticing the small details such as birds chirping, trees waving, and water flowing will provide you immense pleasure, and you will be stunned to find yourself in a better place.

6. Lifestyle

Our daily routine is one of the essential things that keep our energies balanced, and an unhealthy lifestyle would lead to mental and physical illnesses. Therefore, you should eat healthily, take proper sleep, and inculcate a healthy lifestyle to strengthen your energy fields.


Keeping our energy fields in balance is the need of the hour while the significance of energies is often overlooked in modern society; it is more than what people think. It protects us from the detrimental factors of the environment.