Red Aura

Red Aura

We all know what an aura is. For those who have no idea about it, let me briefly tell you that it is the halo of energy that impacts our mental, emotional, and physical state. Among the different aura colors, one is red, which emerges as a significant shade.

While all the aura colors have different impacts, a red aura can have a positive or negative effect that depends on the shade of the Red. Let us know more about it.


This color is related to the physical body, heart, or circulation, a vital function of the heart. As this is the densest color, it creates excellent friction, which either attracts or repels, resulting in money woes, obsessions, anger, and nervousness.


1. Dark Red

It points towards a grounded personality who responds practically and has a healthy and active will-power. These people never give up easily.

2. Clear Red

This shade is yet another, symbolic of an authoritative, energetic, competitive, and passionate individual. 

3. Orange Red

This shade brings confidence and creative power to the person as an aura color. In an excellent, bright, and pure state, this can also serve as a healthy ego.

4. Muddied Red

Muddied Red symbolizes anger, as we have often seen in daily life how this hue is used for danger signs.


  • An individual with a red aura will excel as a leader at their workplace. These self-motivated people can handle working alone, and nothing can stop them from achieving their goals. This also brings out the best in them
  • They are passionate about the adventures of life, be it travel, food, or their sexual partners, and this passion and thrust of exploring is their driving force in life. 
  • These are strong-headed individuals who do not succumb to challenges easily, be it physical or mental.
  • They are not afraid of death, birth, or over-indulgence as they have gained a higher knowledge of unification and the cycle of life.
  • People with a Red in their Aura are straightforward and like to hold conversations on point and are not afraid to keep their point across.
  • They are not cunning or shrewd people who would have hidden agendas.
  • Those with red energy in their auric fields are energetic and love to explore the pleasures of the physical plane.  

Association with the Chakras

Red is the color associated with the root chakra, which relates to your connection with nature, the physical body, and the material world. Security and safety originate from the root chakra. When your root chakra is open, your aura will glow giving off a bright red color. This brings harmony between the self and the surroundings and hence essential to maintain balance. Several cleansing techniques can be followed to keep your chakra in the balance as the aura and chakra are deeply interconnected.


While a lot of aura colors have no variations in them and are easy to interpret, Red is one of those shades that have different varieties. By evaluating a red aura, we can quickly determine the spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional auric bodies of a person.