Grey Aura

Grey Aura

Every color in the aural spectrum has its importance. Though grey is a different shade in the aura, it has a special meaning. It is a combination of white and black, one of which resembles positivity, and the other is negative.

Let us learn more about the significance of this shade in the aura and how it affects the personality of an individual. 


This shade indicates that there are issues, and the journey of life is not running smoothly, and one is facing hardships but ultimately comes out as a winner, and the process defines the person. This may also be a sign of energy blockages in the auric field. Those with the aura of this color find it hard or even impossible to trust others. The color indicates the direction of goals they have set for themselves.


The different shades of grey have different meanings. Not every grey is negative, but it is correct to say that not every grey is definite. Given below are the shades that grey appears in.

1. Light Grey

It signifies the fears that can lead to an ill effect on health.

2. Very Light Grey

This shade indicates fear and nervousness and these people often get worried about very small things.

3. Charcoal Grey 

This is rather serious as it indicates depression and depletion of energy. This stage can often push a person further into darkness.

4. Pale Grey

This signifies a person who has poor decision-making skills and often makes the wrong choices in life, leading to regrets.

5. Dark Grey

It points towards physical imbalances if spotted in specific areas of the body.

Personality Traits

  • People with grey aura are mature, often leading a monotonous life and physically exhausted. Greys tend to work hard and hence evoke a color of intellect, modesty, and even sadness. 
  • Grey aura people often hide their feelings even from their close ones. They are socially active and hang out with their friends.
  • These people are unstable and not sure about new relationships.
  • People with grey color in their auras like to protect themselves from the malice of the world. They prefer a balanced and safe existence and wrap themselves in their cocoon to avoid getting hurt by others. 
  • Since grey is in a constant shift between clear and cloudy, those in possession of this aura might find that their energies are being stifled by something in their life. In such cases, it is easy to find the remedy, only if you can promptly locate and deal with the root cause. 
  • They might be going through a phase of spiritual awakening, and there’s a sharp rise in abilities like creativity, imagination, and intuition.


The presence of grey color is nothing to panic about, as panicking can further worsen the situation resulting in the aura getting black. There are several ways to change your aura color as it does not remain the same throughout your life and change its shade with every action.

Inculcate healthy habits in your lifestyle, and you will soon notice a visible change in your state of being.