Yellow Aura

Yellow Aura

Till now, all of us are aware of Aura, which is our energy fields radiating through everyone. These fields are of seven colors; one of these is yellow, which is one of the significant shades of the aural spectrum.

Let us read more about this shade and various shades it comprises. By the end of this article, we’ll be able to recognize yellow as the color of one of the superior orders.


Yellow, the color of the sun, is the color of awakening, inspiration, and intelligence. It also suggests action, creative, playful, optimistic, easy-going personality. Yellow Auras also point towards joy and freedom. People with this aura color have inner joy and generosity.


1. Light Yellow

This shade signifies an emerging psychic ability or spiritual awareness. It is also one that assures optimism and hopefulness for the future and excitement about new ideas.

2. Bright Lemon Yellow

This shade signifies fear of losing. This fear can be of the loss of power, prestige, inheritance, or respect. These people continuously struggle to maintain their power and control in a personal or business relationship as they enjoy overpowering people and situations.

3. Dark Brownish Yellow Or Yellow Orange Aura

This color symbolizes a “gain it all” behavior where people often strain themselves to the point where they exhaust themselves immensely, trying to absorb everything in one go. E.g., a student with an overly analytical mind would try making up for the time when he/she was not attentive.


  • These people have interesting, busy, and curious minds, and they will always be planning their next moment. 
  • Yellow people love practical art forms such as baking, interior designing, and sewing. 
  • These individuals tend to work so hard that sometimes their families suffer a lack of attention due to them prioritizing their work over personal relationships.
  • When they are not serious, they can have a ridiculous and passive sense of humor, which earns them quite a few friends.
  • These are the ones who love to excel in everything and are placed at higher positions from where they can inspire others towards growth and success. 
  • Talking about keeping fit, they love things with forms like yoga and Pilates and leave no stone unturned when it comes to maintaining their health. 
  • They have an idea about life and always look at the brighter side of things. They are full of life. 
  • These people are independent and extremely hardworking, intelligent, and love to analyze things. 
  • Individuals with yellow color in their aura are vigilant about human behavior and confidently put across their views.

Association with Chakra

The yellow aura is associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra and is said to reflect from the emotional layer. This chakra forms the core of self-esteem and personal power. The perfect balance between the two results in a quiet life.


A yellow halo is a sign of spiritual development of the highest degree and is one color that is common among those delivering spiritual lessons. This color adds life to the monotonous and makes it even more lively.