How to Read Auras

How to Read Auras

Before landing on this post, I’m sure you must have heard about what Aura is, or maybe have some idea about it. If not, we’ll quickly summarize it for you to grasp it. So, Aura is the colorful, seven-layered energy field that surrounds every living being.

Now, I’m sure you must be keen on knowing about how to read auras, right? Before jumping on to the main subject, let us understand what it means to read Aura and some related topics so that we can better understand the subject matter and perceive things more consistently.

What does it mean to read Aura

To read Aura means reading a person’s energy fields. These are composed of several colors, and each color signifies something about the person. These colors tell about the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of that person. It reveals how the energy fields have affected the past, present, and what changes are going to be there in the future. Seeing Aura is easy, but the interpretation is tough, and only a few people are gifted with the power to read auras.

Always remember that you should not read a person’s Aura without his/her permission, as it is similar to snooping into the person’s details. Also, when you read someone’s Aura, it is according to your Aura, so be very vigilant and cautious while making an interpretation out of it.

How to read Aura

One accessible and straightforward way to read auras is through aura colors and understanding their meaning. But, you cannot be a professional just by doing this. Since aura reading will be based on your perception as we are complex beings whose views are mainly influenced by a variety of factors such as knowledge, experience, biases, ego, societal influence, and our view of spirituality.

So, to read auras, you need to get out of your being and emerge as one who identifies the “self” with the “other.” This state helps you to see what is there in the moment without ego boundaries and identification of self. This can be achieved through many years of meditation and a variety of spiritual techniques that boost your concentration, and you leave worldly pleasures to meet spirituality.

Benefits of reading auras

  • Aura readings can help you to keep a check on your own feels and make amendments if needed. 
  • An aura reading can help you discern the intentions of people and know if they are right for you or not as you can help yourself with this knowledge.
  • If there is any negative energy that you’re throwing out to the surroundings or being affected by someone else’s negative energy, you can rectify it.
  • It can help in detecting future ailments so that you can take necessary steps to avoid it as auras do not remain the same for a lifetime.
  • You can guide others and let them cleanse their Aura by reading it for them and letting them know what is going wrong with their energy fields.
  • It helps in elevating your consciousness, and no liar can go unnoticed by you.


Reading auras is not everyone’s cup of tea, and those who have attained that level are free of worldly ties and helping humankind in a very positive manner. If you get to know that your aura colors are disturbed or shady, you can cleanse it and make your life better.