Pink Aura

Pink Aura

Every individual possesses a specific colored aura, and when it is pink, that person is one of the most loving and caring individuals. When we think of pink shade, the first thought that comes to mind is that of love and romance. This aura is also deeply connected with these feelings. 

In order to figure out what your pink colored aura says about your personality, we’ll first uncover the meaning of pink color.


We are all aware of the pink color as a shade that signifies love, admiration, and romance. It also represents happiness, joy, softness, sentimentality, yearning, sensitivity, and being on the emotional side. The pink aura shows similar traits with that of the red aura as pink is a lighter version of the red color. This lightness might be a result of the addition of white, which represents purity, cleanliness, and peace.


1. Bright Pink

Bright pink is an upgraded version of the baby pink color. It is symbolic of reliability, trust, and people with this aura color prove to be great acquaintances. While maintaining a balance, they are still focused on improving their spirituality.

2. Dark Pink

This shade signifies the downside of the pink aura, and someone with a dark or dull tone of pink may be immature or dishonest that can lead to problems in personal life.

3. Baby Pink

Baby pink is a lighter and softer version of pink color. It differs from bright pink as that is vibrant, but this one is light and dull. This shade in the aura enhances a person’s ability to see beyond the mundane world and aim for spiritual learning.

4. Magenta Pink

This shade is composed of having hints of blue and red. Those who have this aura color represent personality traits from multiple chakras. These people are eccentric, artistic, and independent, who like to dwindle around things.


  • These people are romantic and loving and would stay loyal for life with their soulmates. Their Heart Chakra is healthy, but others may be blocked.
  • People with Pink colored aura are peace-makers. They like to move away from disagreements and conflicts so that the peace in their life is maintained.
  • Pink colored aura people can also point to snappy or unpredictable behaviors as they can do anything to maintain order in their life which sometimes results in uncomfortable and unjust situations.
  • These individuals hate injustice done to people. They strive for perfection and making the world a better place and do not shy away from making personal sacrifices in the pursuit of their aim.
  • They have a natural gift of love in their life. Their relationships are loving, be it platonic or romantic.
  • You make a great preschool teacher, pediatrician, nurse, or babysitter. You are gentle in nature and have the gift of radiating gentle, warm, and loving energy to people.
  • These people naturally draw happiness and positivity and are exciting, generous, youthful, and kind-hearted individuals. 
  • These people make everyone comfortable in their presence.

Pink Aura and Chakra

Since pink is the heart’s color, this aura is related to the Heart Chakra and the center for love and compassion. It provides oneself the ability to love themselves and others and equalize the give and receiving aspect. When your heart chakra is balanced, the pink color in your aura will glow brightly.


Studying each shade will help you attain balance in life, and you can know about yourself better and make amends in your life wherever needed.