Green Aura

Green Aura

Green Aura is yet another shade that has a lot many variations, each of which impacts the well being of a person in different ways. The lighter shades represent a different meaning, while the darker shades often have negative connotations attached to it.

This article aims at giving you an insight into what it means to have a green-colored aura and how it affects your personality.


Green relates to the heart and the lungs. Since green is a vibrant color and resembles the healthy glow of nature, it usually represents growth and balance when included in the aura; it is also suggestive of regeneration and something that leads to change. It is symbolic of compassion towards humans, nature, and animals as well.


1. Dark Green 

If your aura is dark green, you may develop feelings of jealousy, and not be able to take criticism. You might victimize yourself or on a drive to blaming yourself or others. This results from insecurity and low self-esteem. It also results in a lack of understanding of your responsibilities.

2. Lime Green

This shade symbolizes excellent communication, tender feelings, and a creative mindset.

3. Blue Green Or Turquoise

Since this is a combination of green and blue, the positives of both the shades come together for intense healing energy. Anyone with this aura in is a sensitive, a healer, or a therapist. 

4. Light Green 

This is not bright and often suggests the downside of a person who might be in search of spiritual, mental, emotional, or physical healing.


  • These people are deeply connected to the people around them, have empathy towards them, and express unconditional love and strive to make a change in the world and add to the betterment.
  • They create a balance between the physical self and their emotional state and also render equal attention to their interests and the people they love.
  • Individuals with green colored aura are open to new relationships without fearing rejection or getting hurt.
  • These people are hard-working and often strive for perfection in everything. They have a very determined attitude and so down to earth that nothing fancy could ever lure them into falling prey to riches and uproot their groundedness
  • Green aura is extraordinarily peaceful, and anyone who comes in their vicinity will have an experience filled with immense peace and tranquility. 

Association with the Chakras

Green is associated with the fourth chakra that is the heart chakra or astral layer that can be sensed in or around your chest. It is connected with love, integration, and compassion. Since your green aura is linked to this chakra, it suggests your indulgence in the process of transformation. When you have a balanced heart, you have a precise balance between giving and receiving.


The aura acts as a barrier of energy between the self and the world, which implies that a healthy aura provides a sense of security by wrapping you with positive energies. You have clear distinctions and know how to fulfill your own needs while not harming other people.