What are Auras

What are Auras

We have all heard about the Aura in our daily lives, talking about someone’s greatness or negativity that a person brings around in the environment. You might feel confident with a specific group of people while someone may have left you with nervousness.

Let us delve deeper into the topic and learn about the metaphysical meaning of auras. It is more than just a feeling and involves various scientific research.

What is Aura?

The Aura is an electromagnetic energy field or unseen spiritual energy that surrounds all living beings’ bodies. According to the ancient medical systems, the Aura corresponds to the seven essential chakras of our body and affects the state of being. 

Aura of a person carries information about the past, present, as well as the future. It is entangled with the emotions, both inner and outer, as well as spiritual and physical level. We often see people develop a liking towards specific colors and averted by others. All these emotions and feelings springing out holds a direct connection with our Aura.

The seven essential layers

The seven layers in our body that lie with the chakras are placed from top to bottom. 

1. Physical Aura Layer

It is also known as the etheric layer, which is closest to the physical body and is related to physical health, pain, and pleasure. It is diminished when we’re awake and is revived during our sleep.  

2. Astral Aura Layer

This layer extends out up to 3 inches away from our body and is connected to our emotions. It stores emotional experiences and memories. 

3. Lower Aura Layer

This layer is devoted to logic and thinking patterns and often associated with your ego, belief, and values. Situated three to eight inches away, this lower layer is engaged when we are working, studying, or focusing on other tasks while awake.

4. Higher Aura Layer

This is the centermost layer, which acts as a bridge between all the layers; it connects your well being to the wellness of others. Since this is correlated with your heart chakra, we hold compassion for others and selflessness here.

5. Spiritual Aura Layer

This layer is also known as “the manifestation layer,” or “the etheric double.” You tend to connect with others over spiritual matters at this layer. It helps you to grow and shine as you teach and share your knowledge with others.

6. Intuitional Aura Layer

As the name suggests, also known as your third eye. This layer allows you to gain a deeper level of awareness as your intuitive powers heighten at this layer.

7. Absolute Aura Layer

Extending three feet away from the physical body, this layer balances all the other aura layers. It guides you through your life path. This is probably your potential connection with the divine.

Colors of Aura

The Aura colors indicate the frequency of the person’s energy, thoughts, feelings, wellbeing, and spiritual awareness. All of us want to have a radiant aura and hope to have a charming personality. The meanings of different aura colors are given below:

1. Purple 

It signifies that you are developing openness and awareness on a spiritual level. This shade often appears as flashes that blend with other colors that form larger blocks.

2. Blue 

This shade symbolizes intuitive abilities and balanced energy.

3. Green

This is a color of restoration. If you have blue-green color in your Aura, you have a tremendous healing ability.

4. Yellow 

Yellow is often denoted as a lively color. The inclusion of this shade in your Aura indicates inquisitive nature.

5. Orange 

This hue is related to emotions and vitality. Bright orange indicates you are in good health and living life to the full. 

6. Red 

It indicates action as it is a great color. The dark red color suggests self-sufficiency, while the light, cloudy shade highlights repressed anger and negative energy.

7. Pink 

This is a delicate color often associated with the heart. It is visible when someone is in love. Bright pink indicates a perfect balance between spiritual awareness and reality in the present world.

8. Brown 

It is associated with fear of the unknown.

9. Grey 

As the shade itself is monotonous, it represents stagnant energy. It usually indicates depression and the darker aspects of your personality.

10. Black 

As the intense color, the presence of this shade in your Aura highlights negativity and unwillingness to forgive.

11. White 

Though these are rare, these usually surround highly- spiritual people who have transcended physical reality and are on a spiritual journey.

12. Silver and gold 

These colors in your Aura surround people who have a high spiritual vibration.

13. Rainbow 

Spiritual teachers, healers, and lightworkers typically have colorful rainbow auras.

Can it be seen?

It can be seen, but the process required a lot of patience and concentration. The method of witnessing Aura is given below:

  • Concentrate on one spot of an individual’s face; generally, the middle of the forehead is taken as the center. Do this for at least sixty seconds.
  • Scan the outer edges of the forehead, shoulders, and arms while keeping your eyes glued to the forehead. If you notice a bright white color around these areas, this is known as the Aura of that individual.
  • Since the method takes a lot of concentration and patience, don’t freak out if you do not witness it in one go as this might take several tries.

Interesting facts about Aura

  • Aura of a person can be captured in photographs through unique cameras designed for this purpose.
  • The color of your Aura reflects your physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing, as every color has its significance in composition.
  • These play a significant role in your social life as people connect based on the vibes of those they converse.
  • Aura can be cleansed if you feel something is wrong with your energies that are disturbing your life.
  • Aura tends to change in different phases of life, so it doesn’t stay the same for a lifetime.


People might disregard these beliefs as they’re practical, but no one can deny that every particle is made of energy. Since the mind and body are closely related, Aura is just a facet of this close connection.