Rainbow Aura

Rainbow Aura

Rainbows are beautiful, but do you know it also has spiritual meanings attached to it? I did not know that. Here we’re talking with relation to the auric fields. There is a rainbow aura in your energy fields. It is a combination of colors in the energy spectrum, having a unique meaning, and it signifies a great personality.

Before we jump on to it, it would be beneficial for us to understand what it means to have a rainbow in our aura. This would help us to grab the topic wholly and smoothly. 


Rainbow aura represents an amalgamation of all seven colors in sequence VIBGYOR (Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red). It indicates a highly evolved person who has trapped every power in their spiritual field. This aura indicates contact with the fifth dimension that is the knowledge to the higher plane.

Formation, Pattern, and Intensity of Rainbow

Some of these rainbow patterned auras appear as stripes, whereas others are a sunburst of colors that revolve around a person. Many auras have distinct layers outlining a person’s body with uneven borders and edges blending into each other.

Aura having a pale rainbow pattern can be the criteria for a potential healer or an indication that the person is just about to begin his journey in the healing arts.

Blurred or murky rainbows like auras can indicate the downside of this aura as it points to a problematic person. These problems can range from a person’s healing talents or his intuition.

Personality Traits

  • These people are great speakers and can draw the attention of the listeners very quickly.
  • They have no complaints and demands from others, which fetches them a lot of friends and is regarded as one of the friendliest auras in the energy spectrum. 
  • They are selfless people who enjoy every phase of their life and never shy away from helping others at all times and in every situation. 
  • They have the highest psychic abilities or spiritual connection than all the other auras that exist.
  • They are highly energetic and don’t stop at anything.
  • They work continuously till they reach the point of exhaustion in their workplace.
  • Though these are interesting people and everybody loves to be around them, it is not easy to understand them.
  • They are focused and will move away from anything that brings bad luck or proves to be a blockage in the road to success and a happier life.
  • They have an unyielding will who work for harmony and happiness. They like being surrounded by like-minded people.

In association with Chakra

A rainbow aura is a result of the person’s chakra centers being wide open and spinning correctly but at a higher frequency than the normal. It is a sign that the main chakra points are flowing with chi energy that is both healing and beneficial. This movement in the aura creates a very radiant aura that is only possessed by some. In this kind of aura, the increase in energy and creativity is brilliant and powerful.