Silver Aura

Silver Aura

Silver aura is yet another rare aura color in the energy spectrum. It needs great people to possess this aura as it helps people connect to the divinity. Because of its rarity, it is one of the gifted ones, and those who are in possession are often people with the right spiritual knowledge.

To understand this aura color in more detail, let us first consider its meaning and then study various other aspects of this shade.

Shades of Silver

1. Bright Metallic Silver

This shade is a symbol of nurturing, intuitive mind filled with a lot of new and creative ideas. This is explicitly symbolic of plenty of money.

2. Muddy Silver

This reflects the downside of this aura shade that signifies blockage of energy, guarded, skepticism. It also indicates illness, health issues, or accumulation of fear when spotted in some regions of the body.


The silver shade signifies abundance in a physical as well as a spiritual sense. It is also indicative of a person capable of holding a very strong connection with spirits. Having silver in your aura symbolizes you’re in possession of a lot of money. It is also an indication of mystery, hidden potentials in a person, or secrets that could lead to joy when revealed. 

It is also an indication of feminine intuitive wisdom. It reflects feminine power and magic. It also suggests good news for women as it symbolizes pregnancy. It is also a signal of a good time for conceiving.

Personality Traits

  • These people have the skills to travel through a separate realm and connect to the spirits. They are highly intuitive and sensitive to the feelings of others.
  • Silver Aura people are really versatile and adaptable and can convert opportunities in their favor.
  • They have a high intellectual level who do not miss on things that might go unnoticed by others.
  • These are generally attractive with a lot of confidence and capable enough to get out of difficult situations. 
  • They have highly imaginative minds and inventiveness that help them set up goals and achieve them at par. 
  • These people can use their spiritual learning most appropriately. This ability gives them the power to relate to many people, and hence they are often found in teaching, mentoring, or counseling professions.
  • They usually have a sharp and disciplined mind, which helps them tackle the issues directly. They cannot be easily distracted as they are focused on their goal.
  • They can master the art of influencing people because of their energetic spirit. This often helps others to discover their true potential.

Association with the Chakra

As we all know, aura and chakras are interconnected, and each aura color is related to one of the other chakra. Their balance helps people to lead a contented life.

Silver Aura is associated with the Brow Chakra. This chakra is the route to wisdom. It allows us to learn from our past experiences and use them to achieve success and follow the right path.