Gold Aura

Gold Aura

We have studied Aura and its colors, where the dominant ones are green, blue, red, and so on. Gold is a color in the Aura which is not dominant and only possessed by some. It carries inherent qualities that we will see later in this article.

To study the golden Aura in detail, let us first get a deeper understanding of this shade and later see how it changes a person’s behavior as an aura color.


This is one of the first shades which is concerned with divine protection and enlightenment. It is often included in the Aura of saints and spiritual teachers or someone with divine guidance, which has the wisdom to guide others.

Personality Traits

  • People with Golden Aura are admirers of beauty and have a flair for creativity. They notice the beautiful things and often put them to their best use.
  • Their charm and charisma is an addition to their attractive personality. These people are patient listeners who make people around them comfortable.
  • They are incredibly carefree people who do not care who’s watching and even do not care about being judged. 
  • People with a Gold Aura are highly intelligent on the spiritual plane and develop a connection with the almighty.
  • These people are keepers and have many friends as they devote attention and also love attracting it too. They can make a conversation interesting by keeping people engaged in it.
  • They are extremely loving and also extend love to others. Their compassion makes them great individuals.
  • They are fiercely independent and hesitate to ask for help from anyone as they love to be on themselves.
  • These individuals cannot take criticism and hate to admit to their flaws. 
  • People with a gold aura are overly lavish. They like living a grand life and host impressive social gatherings even if it means going out of their budget for these arrangements.

Ways to Clean your Golden Aura

1. Meditation

Meditating in the sun is one of the best ways to replenish and strengthen your golden Aura. Sit in the sun while inhaling and exhaling. Imagine a golden color around your head, which slowly and steadily is pouring into your body. Keep practicing it for a balanced chakra, which results in a healthy mind and body.

2. Water Meditation

This is one of the most relaxing techniques. Stand under the shower or rain and relax as much as possible while keeping your eyes closed. Imagine yourself standing under a waterfall and observing the beauty of nature. This would soothe your nerves and help you attain peace of mind.


Since Gold Aura is one of the unique auras in the aural spectrum, if you have it, do not take it lightly. It is necessary to keep cleansing it to maintain the balance; otherwise, any disturbance can affect your happiness.